Buy essay vs Download essay

Today you can either buy essays online or get them for free. There is a bazillion of services where you can download everything ranging from compositions and up to dissertations for a penny.

But are such sites reliable?

Not really.

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What about the topic?

Basically, you can find an already-written paper on the Web with a “just-like-I-have” topic. But this small, tiny discrepancy is the thing that matters.

The thing which sorts out A-type papers from C-type ones.

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NOTE: Free-to-download works available on the Internet have been already submitted by other students. Consequently, they are contained in the predominance of university databases.

Why is the price high?

It’s not high. It’s reasonable.

Getting a Chinese vehicle just because it’s cheap is an unwise decision. WHY?

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What if the price is still too high?

Then you should use a couple of tricks.

  • Buy essays in advance
  • Don’t choose the highest writing standard
  • Rule out Premium QAD Proofreading
  • Ask for a discount and a couple of FREEBIES

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